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Arguably the flagship endeavor of the group, Time's Industrial Packaging range of products is the outcome of technological perfection honed over the years. Meeting the exacting needs of demanding customers has led to industry breakthroughs in product development.
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Time Group's Industrial Packaging `TechPack' is the outcome of experience and technological perfection honed over the years in different geographical locations. Our TECHPACK range of products include Narrow mouth, wide mouth and Open top drums, conipails and jerry cans of various sizes. Constant R&D has helped incorporate unique design features such as the special profile for optimum emptying, designing new pack for pressure sensitive chemicals, making smart light weight drums using 'MIDAS' technology.
GNX Bulktainer
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With the popularity of Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) systems spreading far and wide. IBC systems are being increasingly used in newer markets, such as Middle East, Asia, Far East and Africa apart from established markets of Europe and America. Time Group is pleased to offer specially designed GNX Bulktainer - a futuristic packaging solutions. GNX Bulktainer are designed with exclusive features for efficient performance even in rugged terrains and rough handling.